Thursday, March 6, 2014

Out my office window

I was contemplating what I would write, hoping to be positive. All I could think about where the horrific stories that flashed on the screen while I was working out. Yuck.

I tried to do a positive on-line news site for a few years. I filled it with all the good things going on locally. People wanted the nasty stuff. I do believe they wanted the good stuff but were drawn to the negative. If I'd tossed some of the political trash & crime into the mix the site might have become more lucrative. I enjoyed it!

Anywaze, I popped over to Pharrell Williams 24 Hours of Happy, looked out my office window for a bit and cleansed my brain of all the negative. No point in focusing on all the bad in the world. Good idea to be prepared and aware, but it doesn't do a bit of good to worry and carry all the negative around.

I think one of the reasons Pharrell's tune has caught on like crazy is that we all need and want to be happy. It is uplifting. It's easy to sing, too. It's also a must-move tune! I can't even sit still in my chair as I type, gotta move.

What makes you happy? How do you get away from the things that bring us all down?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Have a blog, forgot I had it

How embarrassing. I set up a blog, bragged I had a blog, wrote a couple of times and then forgot about it. Completely.

I think I'm back.

I will have to try and be interesting since I've already posted a blog saying witty is so not me.

I'd like to do a positive, uplifting blog but that's going to be rather hard given I think we're heading toward some sort of world calamity. I'm torn between buying survival gear, filling the pantry with food and medicine, hunkering down and going blithely about my business with my head not quite stuck in the sand.

I mostly decide to just keep on keeping on because I haven't a clue as to how I can do anything to change what is going on in the world. Russia moving into the Ukraine, trying to station ships and bombers in Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries, the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, the growing antagonism toward the United States, oh, the list goes on and on.

I do what I can locally but it's like that old tale of the boy sticking his finger in the dam. It's a huge dam and the water just keeps pressing and rising, and holes just keep a-happening.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living without electricity

I never really, truly realized how fragile the life I live is until yesterday. I didn't experience a huge catastrophe, I simply lost electricity for about 8 hours.

We live on a five-acre parcel and have well water. The well has an electric pump, like most do these days. No water.

We have Comcast / Xfinity cable, Internet and phone. They use electricity.

We have electric garage door openers. There's a way to unhook them so they can be opened so the cars are not exactly held hostage to electricity, but we couldn't push a button!

With no electricity, and no way of knowing when it might be coming back on, the refrigerator and freezer were both off-limits. We needed to keep all the cool air contained as long as possible. Everything, and I do mean everything except a can of tuna, that I eat resides in the refrigerator. I keep my bread frozen 'cause I don't eat enough to keep it fresh. I don't like canned veggies, thus they're all frozen or fresh. You get the idea... I'm dependent on that fridge and freezer.

The Xfinity phone is supposed to have a battery backup that allows it to work for up to eight hours, but the battery failed. No phone service.

We had no idea whether we were the only ones hit or if it extended down the road to the neighbors. The thought that I'd go check the computer to see must've crossed my mind ten times during the outage! I go to the computer for everything these days.

No lights. No TV. No computer. No food. No water.

No water means no flushing the toilet unless we used the gallons of water I keep stashed for just such an emergency.

We finally uncoupled the garage door and went to get something to eat, drive the neighborhood to see if all had lost service, and charge the cell phones.

I've read that grocery stores only keep about a three day supply of food. If something happened and electricity went out across the country, we'd all probably starve in a week or two.

Can you imagine what it would be like to lose our basic creature comforts?

We don't even own a battery operated radio, something I plan to remedy. How long would batteries last if we were dependent upon them? The rechargeable ones would be worthless unless we had a generator or one of those survival radios with all the extra gadgets on it.

I plan to spend a little bit of time and money to stockpile a few things that might be helpful in the event we lose electricity for a period of time. I had plenty of time to think about what we might need to pick up, plus the fragility of our world, given the lack of TV and Internet!

I'd like a solar generator but that's over there on the wild-dream column for now as they're not exactly cheap. However, I do need to think like a camper and have a way to cook, light the area, get water in the event we are forced to 'survive' without those basic creature comforts. If it's just us losing electricity, no biggie. We can always go to a friend or relative's home. If it's wide-spread, even the gas pumps won't be working.

I do own a non-electric can opener. I could have opened that can of tuna.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Where are all my subscribers? I have now posted two whole blogs, three with this one, and the world isn't clamoring to subscribe. I'll give you all another day or two then I'm coming to find you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh, yes, almost forgot.

Blogs are supposed to be witty, too.

That is so not me.

Everybody has a blog

Now I have one, too.

Since everyone has a blog and only a few are actually being read by another breathing human being, I assume a blog is nothing more than a public diary.

Today I got up, ate breakfast and worked on the computer. I have yet to take a shower and the day is almost half gone.

I will try to regale you with more exciting news later if I happen to remember that I have a blog or feel I have pearls to impart.